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Feb 25 - 26, 2011: 7:15pm, 9:15pm
Red Vic Movie House
1727 Haight Street
San Francisco

Meet the Feebles (1989) by Peter Jackson 95 min. Color 35mm
in the series Miscellaneous Events
Long before making Oscar-baiting CGI spectacles, Peter Jackson turned heads and stomachs with naughty, low-budget, gore-filled gross-out fests. The most notorious, hilarious, and offensive of these: Meet the Feebles. Clearly inspired by the Muppets, the Feebles make Oscar the Grouch look like Barney the Purple Dinosaur. With their soon-to-be-televised variety show imperiled by mismanagement, diva-esque tantrums, a porn ring, venereal disease, drug pushers, and nerves, can these nasty (and amazingly well-crafted) puppets pull off a miracle? Meet the Feebles is chock-full of delightful digressions, wit, and, surprisingly, a lot of heart. Definitely, thoroughly, unabashedly not for kids!

Come see what all your sick friends have been raving about!