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FOFF Programs

Nov 27, 2010: 6:00pm
Oddball Films
275 Capp Street
San Francisco

$10 (Kids: $5)
Oddball for Everyone: An All-Ages Evening at San Francisco's Treasure Trove of Cinema
in the series Oddball Ephemera
Once more Oddball Archives, that veritable Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory of Film, opens its fuzzy door to budding cineastes of tomorrow! Film on Film Foundation and Oddball present a re-tooled selection of kid-centric films with ageless appeal. Classic cartoons feature Woody Woodpecker and Gumby and explore our micro- and macrocosmos, while live-action films pay homage to the pencil, backyard fauna, and that much-maligned meteorological phenomenon, rain. Plus, a legendary tribute to the greatest musical act of all time. Winsome fun for grown-ups and children alike! Come early to check out our preshow of surprise films.
Pencil (Le crayon) (1971) by Gary Plaxton 7.5 min. Color 16mm
The pencil in all its variety and ubiquity is celebrated in this colorful mini-documentary. Ever wonder how they get the lead in there? This and other mysteries are revealed during the energetic factory sequences while a time warp synthesizer score delights.
Pantry Panic (1941) by Walter Lantz 7 min. Color 16mm
Woody Woodpecker passes on flying south for the winter, but once the food is gone he finds himself in a brutal battle of the wills with an equally famished visitor to his snowbound village. One of the first Woody cartoons ever made--the artwork is exquisite! Not for tender vegetarians.
Zoo (1962) by Bert Haanstra 10 min. BW 16mm
Many exotic creatures can be observed going through life's daily rituals in this swinging little documentary: the inhabitants of the zoo and its equally fascinating human visitors.
Cosmic Zoom (1968) by Norman McLaren 13 min. BW 16mm
A fantastic, "continuous" voyage from a rowboat on the Ottawa river, upward and outward to a grand view of galactic flotsam, then back inwards through a rivulet of blood in the tip of a mosquito's proboscis, to examine an atomic nucleus. Remade a decade later by Charles and Ray Eames (Powers of Ten) with narration (and its jumping-off point moved to Chicago), then again as an Imax movie (Cosmic Voyage) with Morgan Freeman, Cosmic Zoom is where it all began.
Wonders in Your Own Backyard (1977) by Michael Moore 11 min. Color 16mm
The kids are alright... with bugs! Science cheerfully takes a back seat to hands-on curiosity as the neighborhood gang gets touchy-feely with creepy-crawlies. Entomology--it's what happens between piggyback rides.
Hidden Valley (~1960) by Art Clokey 6 min. Color 16mm
An all-time Gumby favorite! Our bendy green friend and his sidekick Pokey stumble upon a prehistoric enclave whose inhabitants are anything but camera-shy. A brisk, surprisingly friendly Lost World redux.
Braverman's Condensed Cream of the Beatles (1974) by Charles Braverman 14.5 min. Color 16mm
A decade-long pop-culture revolution distilled into 15 minutes of cinematic bliss. Rapid-fire montage of song snippets, iconic clips, apocryphal stills, and animation: a prototype of the modern documentary, only without the talking heads and fourfold as fab!
Rain by Stelios Roccos 6 min. Color 16mm
A gentle study of the city, the countryside, and children in the rain, featuring wonderful water-suffused photography. You won't see a better learning-to-read film, ever. Beautiful and precipitation-positive.