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FOFF Programs

Jul 31, 2010: 8:30pm
Oddball Films
275 Capp Street
San Francisco

Adventures Close to Home: A Celebration of the Staycation
in the series Oddball Ephemera
Bay Area residents have the highest level of passport ownership in the U.S., but too often inertia and finances conspire to keep us home. There could be worse places to have a staycation--let this 16mm film program serve as an informal guide so you can come up with your own ways of enjoying home this summer. We'll start with an exploration of our coastline, greet that occasional visitor the Sun, and then venture yet closer to home with a backyard safari and a couple home-safety films. Next we'll follow some currency on its intra-city perambulations, and conclude with a look back at a couple of our hometown's previous incarnations: the punk scene of the '70's and, in a rare Technicolor glimpse of noir-era Frisco, the square '40's.
The Seashore by Arthur Barr 10 min. Dye Transfer Technicolor 16mm Alternate soundtrack
Fetch your water wings, ye dwellers on the threshold of the Pacific! This Technicolor tour of the California coastline and its flora and fauna will have you scuttling off to the beach. Featuring an upgraded soundtrack!
Sun (1970) by Stelios Roccos 7 min. Color 16mm
It's in the sky every day even if you can't see it. Another stellar, warm-hued effort from Stelios and the Learning to Read series--come celebrate the sun in all its heliac glory.
Wonders in Your Own Backyard (1977) by Michael Moore 11 min. Color 16mm
The kids are alright... with bugs! Science cheerfully takes a back seat to hands-on curiosity as the neighborhood gang gets touchy-feely with creepy-crawlies. Entomology--it's what happens between piggyback rides.
Poison in the House by Basil Milovsoroff 10 min. Dye Transfer Technicolor 16mm
Home is where the heart is, as well as the household cleansers and the medicine cabinet. Who better to warn us of potential poisons than a family of marionette ants, touchingly over-concerned with the well-being of the people who try to kill them. Delightfully wrong-headed, borderline offensive, and in Technicolor!
Cooking: Kitchen Safety (1949) 8.5 min. BW 16mm
Wayward pot-handles, greasy patches, knives lurking under suds--a person could really mess herself up but good in the average kitchen. That is, unless she hurts herself just enough to get out of housework for a week or two. Cautionary tale or how-to guide--you decide. From the University of Kansas Home Economics Department.
A Day in the Life of a Dollar Bill (1972) by Art Evans 11 min. Color 16mm
A day-tripping greenback circulates through the wallets and cash registers of a typical small town, while a supporting cast of humans makes darn sure we get a simplistic civics and economics lesson. Directed like a live-action Gumby cartoon, with obvious delight taken in close-ups and insert shots.
Sex Pistols in San Francisco, January 14, 1978 (1978) 4 min. Kodachrome 16mm Silent
The Pistols' San Francisco show wasn't just the last date on a tour that pointedly avoided New York and Los Angeles, it was the only show in a city with a thriving punk scene (sorry, San Antonio). Some of the Cash For Chaos is captured here but not the smells, the humidity, or the sounds. This silent home-movie footage will be accompanied by an appropriate non-Sex Pistols selection.
San Francisco--Queen of the West (1943) by Rodney Gilliam 31 min. Dye Transfer Technicolor 16mm
How did our city by the Bay present itself to the world in 1943? San Francisco reveals its square underbelly in this quaintly sanitized Technicolor promotional film that predates hippies, homelessness, and homosexuality. From the Standard Oil Company of California.